Mobile Application

The E Hall Pass digital pass system has transformed the administration of ID cards, enhancing school safety measures and simplifying teaching procedures. This modern approach allows teachers to manage awards and access data centrally through the eHallPass mobile application.

Operating on a cloud-based contactless pass system, eHallPass aims to reduce incidents of student misbehavior and damage. To utilize the system, visit or download the EHallPass App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

EHallPass is an innovative web-based platform and mobile application designed to efficiently manage student and staff movements on campus. The mobile app serves as an extension of the web-based platform, providing on-the-go access to profiles, passes, and other features.

Ehall Pass Mobile Application

EHallPass is a cutting-edge platform available on the web and as a mobile application, strategically crafted to streamline the management of student and staff activities within the school premises. The mobile app serves as a convenient extension of the web platform, enable students and staff to effortlessly access their profiles, passes, and various features while on the move, directly from their mobile devices. Here are some essential highlights concerning the EHallPass mobile app.


  • The EHallPass mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Users can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

ehallpass mobile application

  • Streamlining lobby monitoring by eliminating paper identifications.
  • Cultivating time-management skills in students while minimizing disruptions for educators.
  • Empowering students with individualized apps on their devices.
  • eHallPass introduces digital passes for restrooms, restricted areas, and appointments (with email and text notifications), requiring no teacher intervention.
  • The pass control panel facilitates monitoring the duration of individuals’ room stays, enhancing safety and responsibility.

More Features of the EhallPass Application

1. Access to real-time pass updates and schedules:

  • Stay updated with instant approvals and denials of passes in real-time.
  • Access information on class times, breaks, and appointment schedules.
  • Get notified about any modifications or updates to the pass schedule.

2. Ability to submit pass requests and receive approvals directly from the mobile app:

  • Request passes effortlessly through your mobile app.
  • Get instant approvals or rejections for your pass requests.
  • Say goodbye to paper passes and unnecessary teacher interventions.

3. Contactless check-in and check-out using QR codes:

  • Utilize QR codes for contactless check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Mitigate the risk of germ transmission by eliminating physical contact with shared devices.
  • A straightforward and convenient method for monitoring student movements.

4. Integration with Clever for seamless login and authentication:

  • Employ Clever login credentials for accessing the EHall Pass app.
  • Streamline the login process, ensuring secure authentication.
  • Remove the necessity to recall additional login details.

5. Push notifications for important updates and reminders:

  • Receive push notifications for vital updates and reminders.
  • Stay informed about pass approvals or rejections, upcoming appointments, and schedule modifications.
  • Never overlook an essential update or deadline again.

6. Ability to view past history and analytics:

  • Review past history and analytics specific to individual students.
  • Analyze data to detect patterns of misbehavior or truancy.
  • Leverage historical data to enhance school safety and student accountability.

7. Customizable settings for notifications and pass preferences:

  • Personalize notification settings to receive only relevant notifications.
  • Define pass preferences, such as pass type and reason for leaving the classroom.
  • Tailor the EHall Pass app to align with individual needs and preferences.

The EHallPass mobile app presents a convenient and user-friendly solution for managing passes and movements on campus, even outside the confines of a computer. This tool fosters connectivity and information access, reducing reliance on physical paper passes and manual tracking methods. With features like contactless check-in and push notifications. The EHallPass mobile app contributes to creating a safer and more efficient campus environment.

Overall, the EHallPass mobile app proves invaluable for schools seeking to streamline pass management processes and enhance overall campus safety and security.