Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools and districts are suitable for implementing eHallPass?

E-HallPass can benefit any K-12 school or district aiming to streamline hall pass procedures and enhance safety measures. Particularly advantageous for institutions with larger student populations or multiple buildings, eHallPass proves helpful for schools or districts seeking to:

  • Minimize paper waste and save time by digitizing hall passes.
  • Ensure students remain on campus during class time.
  • Enhance accountability by tracking the locations of both students and staff members.
  • Customize the hall pass process to meet specific needs.
  • Seamlessly integrate the hall pass system with other school technologies for efficient management.

How does eHallPass address privacy concerns and safeguard student data?

eHallPass prioritizes student privacy and data protection through various security features ensuring the safety and confidentiality of all student data. Key measures include:

Secure login: eHallPass mandates users to establish secure login credentials, comprising a unique username and password, to access the platform.

Encryption: The platform employs industry-standard SSL encryption for all data transmitted between users and eHallPass servers, safeguarding against interception and unauthorized access.

Role-based access: eHallPass grants varying levels of access to users based on their designated roles and permissions. Teachers possess the ability to view and access data exclusively related to their assigned classes and students, whereas administrators enjoy a broader scope of access to data and settings.

Data ownership: All information entered into eHallPass is owned and overseen by the school or district, with a commitment to not sell or share any data with third-party entities.

Privacy law compliance: eHallPass is meticulously crafted to adhere to all relevant privacy laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Data retention: eHallPass maintains data only for the duration necessary for its original purpose, offering schools and districts options to delete or export data as required.

In essence, eHallPass is dedicated to safeguarding student privacy and ensuring responsible and secure handling of all data.

Can eHallPass be utilized for monitoring student behavior and discipline?

Indeed, eHallPass is equipped for monitoring student behavior and discipline to a certain extent. The platform empowers administrators to trace student movements and activities on campus, encompassing visits to specific areas of the school and interactions with staff members. eHallPass provides tools for monitoring student tardiness, absences, and discipline referrals, granting schools valuable insights into student behavior and the means to intervene when necessary.

It’s worth noting that eHallPass serves primarily as a tool for scheduling and resource management rather than an exhaustive student behavior monitoring system. Schools should establish clear policies on eHallPass usage for behavior tracking, ensuring the protection of student privacy rights.

Can eHallPass be utilized for school events and activities beyond regular classroom hours? 

Absolutely, eHallPass is versatile in managing school facilities during events. The scheduling system handles auditoriums, gymnasiums, and classrooms efficiently. Teachers can also employ eHallPass to organize after-school activities and club meetings, streamlining event management.

Is eHallPass illegal?

No, it’s completely legal. This web-based software is crafted to aid schools in managing student movement and enhancing campus security. EHallPass is a secure platform that adheres to all pertinent privacy laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

What does a proxy pass entail on an eHallPass?

A proxy pass on eHallPass allows designated personnel, like school administrators or security officers, to temporarily assume a student’s identity. This enables them to use the student’s eHallPass account for creating or approving pass requests. This feature proves valuable for monitoring student behavior or responding to emergency situations.

What is the expense associated with implementing eHallpass, and what ongoing costs should be considered? 

The implementation cost of eHallpass varies based on the school or district size and the chosen features. The eHallpass website doesn’t disclose specific prices, offering tailored solutions. Factors affecting costs include student and teacher numbers, customization levels, and additional hardware or software requirements.

Ongoing expenses encompass regular maintenance, updates, and technical support. Budgeting for teacher and staff training is crucial for effective system utilization. To obtain accurate pricing and ongoing expense details, it’s advisable to directly contact eHallpass with specific school or district requirements.

Does eHallpass include safety features like emergency alerts or panic buttons?

Safety features in eHallpass depend on the version in use. Some versions offer emergency alerts or panic buttons, while others may not. Checking with the eHallpass provider is recommended to confirm available safety features.

How can eHallpass aid in enforcing attendance policies and minimizing truancy?

eHallpass assists in enforcing attendance policies by providing real-time data on student activities. Teachers and administrators can monitor attendance, identify truancy patterns, and send automated notifications to parents for unexcused absences. Tracking attendance with eHallpass enables schools to address issues promptly, enhancing student outcomes.

How do teachers approve eHallpass requests? 

Teachers approve eHallpass requests by accessing their dashboard, reviewing student requests, and clicking “Approve” or “Deny.” If denied, teachers can provide a reason. Students receive notifications indicating the request status upon approval or denial.

How can teachers encourage student engagement with eHallpass? 

Teachers can promote student engagement by:

  • Clear instructions: Explain eHallpass and its usage clearly.
  • Routine integration: Incorporate eHallpass into daily routines for familiarity.
  • Highlight benefits: Emphasize time-saving and disruption avoidance.
  • Monitor usage: Ensure correct and consistent eHallpass utilization.

For instructional guidance schools may provide videos or step-by-step guides. Teachers can check with their institution for existing resources or create their own.

What reports and analytics does eHallpass offer administrators and teachers? 

eHallpass provides administrators and teachers with various reports, including real-time attendance, tardiness, behavior, and activity reports. These tools enable data-driven decision-making, identifying trends to enhance student outcomes. Customizable reporting options cater to specific school and district needs.