E HallPass is an innovative digital pass system crafted to streamline school procedures and uphold student safety. Operating as a cloud-based platform accessible through a web browser or mobile app, it replaces traditional paper passes, providing teachers with real-time student monitoring capabilities. 

The platform encompasses various features aimed at curbing student misbehavior and enhancing accountability. Like real-time pass updates, digital restroom passes, appointment scheduling and contactless QR code check-in and check-out.

EHallPass seamlessly integrates with Clever for secure login and authentication, ensuring a robust and reliable system. Users can benefit from push notifications for crucial updates and reminders. Along with the ability to review pass history and analytics, fostering a comprehensive approach to student management.

Customizable settings for notifications and pass preferences are available. EHallPass is available on multiple platforms, including desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile devices. Making it easily accessible to everyone in the school community. Overall, EHallPass offers a comprehensive solution for schools to manage their passes and ensure student safety.

All the Features of Ehall Pass

Data Security:

  • Secures user data through encryption on the cloud-based server.
  • Guards against cyber threats, breaches, and unauthorized access.

Auto Check-In PIN:

  • Allows users to set a PIN, enabling automatic check-in upon entering a designated location.
  • Prevents overbooking, ensuring safety and compliance.

Inventory Limits:

  • Empowers administrators to set inventory limits for specific locations.
  • Prevents overbooking, ensuring safety and compliance.

Contact Tracing:

  • Tracks user location history to identify potential exposure to infectious diseases.
  • Prevents disease spread and maintains user safety.

Pass Request and Approval System:

  • Permits users to request entry or exit from a specific location.
  • Provides an efficient system for teachers and administrators to approve or deny pass requests.

Customizable Pass Settings:

  • Allows administrators to customize pass types, locations, and time limits.
  • Adaptable to meet the unique needs of each school.

Integration with Clever:

  • Facilitates seamless login and authentication for users.
  • Enables schools to easily integrate Ehallpass with Clever’s education software platform.

Pass Analytics and Reporting:

  • Provides insights into pass usage, including user, location, and time data.
  • Informs data-driven decisions and enhances efficiency for administrators

Contactless Check-In/Check-Out with QR Codes:

  • Enables users to scan QR codes for contactless check-in or check-out.
  • Helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases and keeps users safe.

Push Notifications:

  • Delivers real-time updates, reminders, and notifications to users.
  • Keeps users informed with the latest information.

Pass History and Audit Trail:

  • Furnishes a detailed history and audit trail of pass usage.
  • Helps administrators track user activity and ensure compliance with school policies.

Cleaning and Sanitization Management:

  • Allows administrators to manage and track cleaning and sanitization schedules.
  • Ensures a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.

Customizable User Roles and Permissions:

  • Empowers administrators to assign distinct roles and permissions to users.
  • Ensures appropriate access to information for different individuals.

Volume Tracking:

  • Enables administrators to monitor the number of people in a specific location.
  • Prevents overcrowding and complies with safety regulations.

Appointments and Restricted Passes:

  • Enables users to schedule appointments and request restricted passes for specific purposes.
  • Offers a flexible and efficient system for managing user access.

Digital Restroom Passes:

  • Enables users to request and receive digital restroom passes.
  • Reduces disruptions and enhances classroom management.