EhallPass Free Pilot

EhallPass a digital hall pass organization system, offers a free pilot package to contribution schools in efficiently managing student and staff activities while prioritizing security and responsibility. This package allows schools to explore the system’s appropriateness for their unique needs.

Pricing Information Of E Hall Pass

EhallPass presents a range of pricing plans tailored to diverse school requirements, ensuring a cost-effective solution. The plans include:

  • Basic Plan:Ideal for smaller schools with minimal needs, proposing structures like customizable hall pass patterns, real-time updates and reporting tools at a sensible monthly fee.
  • Premium Plan: Geared towards medium-sized schools. This plan comprehends all basic constructions plus extras like custom roles, cleaning management, sanitization tracking and inventory organization accessible at a higher monthly fee.
  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored for larger schools with complicated needs, this plan includes advanced features like incorporations with other school systems, data analytics and modified reporting tools available at a higher monthly fee.

Schools can select a plan base on factors such as student count, school size and specific feature requirements. Customized plans are available for schools with unique needs beyond standard offerings.

In insertion to monthly subscription fees, schools may encounter insertion costs for customization or incorporations. For pricing inquiries and discussions on potential insertion costs, schools can reach out to EhallPass sales.

Overall EhallPass provides reasonable pricing plans, offering schools a cost-effective solution for attractive hall pass management, school safety, and responsibility.

Eligibility Criteria For Schools To Use The Free Pilot:

To qualify for the free pilot program, schools must have a minimum of 100 students or staff members using the system. The school must be located within the United States or Canada.

Is Ehallpass Free to Use for Schools?

The EhallPass free pilot program allows schools to use the platform without fees for a limited period, providing an opportunity to assess its features before committing long-term.

How Long is The Free Pilot Available For Schools?

The free pilot program spans 30 days allowing schools to thoroughly test the system and evaluate its suitability.

What Features Are Included In The Free Pilot Program?

The free pilot program encompasses all EhallPass features. Include real-time updates on pass requests and schedules, contactless check-in/check-out, data analytics and reporting, and customizable pass settings.

Are There Any Limitations To Using The Free Pilot Program?

Schools using the free pilot program will have access to all of the features of the system. But the number of users may be limited. Besides customer support for the free pilot program may be limited compare to paid plans.

How Schools Can Sign Up For The Free Pilot Of Ehall Pass?

Schools can enroll in the free pilot program by visiting the EhallPass website and complete a form with their school information. A representative from EhallPass will then contact the school with further instructions.