EhallPass Support

EHallPass extends assistance to its users through its online support portal. Users can submit service requests, report bugs, suggest ideas access resources like user guides and EHallPass FAQs. Direct communication with project managers is also available for addressing any issues or inquiries. EHallPass is committed to delivering exceptional customer support, ensuring users can fully leverage the advantages of its software solutions.

E-hallpass (EHP) Help Desk

The E-HallPass (EHP) Support Hub serves as a comprehensive support portal offered by Eduspire Solutions for schools utilizing their E-HallPass software solution. Within this hub, users can submit service requests, report bugs, and share ideas for potential enhancements. Additionally, direct contact with project managers is facilitated for personalized assistance.

E hall pass customer service

For traditional mail communication, clients can send their queries to the following P.O. Box:

PO Box 2012
Southeastern, PA 19399
Mailing Address: 1525 Miramonte Avenue, PO Box 3216, Los Altos, CA 94024

Phone Numbers:

Phone: (888) 963-7550
Toll-Free Number: (888) 401-2011

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